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Did you know the original dollhouse was invented in Germany during the 17th century? In this time of history, dollhouses were expensive toys only available for wealthy children. Each dollhouse was made by hand from wood and most of the time looked just like the actual home where their family lived. Additionaly, each house was carefully decorated with miniature versions of their family possessions, from the furniture down to the China dishes.

During this time, dollhouses became very popular amoungst wealthy families throughout Western Europe. The adults thought this would help teach their youngsters to treat their property with respect. As a teaching tool, the dollhouse had a very special place in each household
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Starting in the 19th century, doll houses were developed into toys and could be purchased at a much lower cost. Dollhouses became available to the middle class. Then in the 20th century - dollhouses became even more acessible due to being made with different materials such as plastic and became a huge sucess in the toy industry.

No matter how a doll house is made it continues to impress children worldwide. Each kids dollhouse inspires imagination encourages fantasy play. Dollhouses are desired by each young girl and creates dreams of what their adult life will one day be. Is Owned By Great Gift Central LLC (Copyright 2011)

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